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Our mission is to go beyond organic by bringing life back to the soil and freshness back to your plate.

Healing the planet through agriculture

Our vision is to heal the planet through agriculture, and we can do that by transitioning farming from conventional to organic and, ultimately, to biodynamic. Presently, the marketplace is being used to drive the adoption of biodynamics on the farm, which is why it's so important for consumers to understand its principles, its benefits and to start asking for certified products. Demand is ultimately what drives change the fastest.

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Demeter-USA.org & BiodynamicFood.org.
Websites that provide a directory of certified farms and brands, and their standards.

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Biodynamic Association
Demeter's U.S.-based sister organization that provides additional educational material, including an interactive biodynamic webinar series, video and audio lectures and a quarterly Biodynamics Journal.

To learn more about our product and where they are sourced visit www.mercolamarket.com

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